Undergraduate Degrees

Our Academic Mission

The School of Business and the School of Liberal Arts & Sciences foster an engaging educational environment that promotes the pursuit of outstanding teaching, learning, leadership and scholarship, both in and out of the classroom, and supports a culture that includes creative thinking and service. The broad-based goal is to prepare students who are highly skilled and readily employable as undergraduates and poised for further education.

Professional Development

Nichols students are ready for what comes next. 100% of students are required to complete an internship or experiential learning opportunity. During your four years with us, you’ll give over 75 presentations, perfect your cover letter and resume, and participate in mock interviews with industry professionals.

Undergraduate Degrees

Nichols undergrads can choose between a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts, with diverse studies built around student passions and employer demand. Our curriculum is regularly updated to meet the professional needs of tomorrow’s business landscape, and taught by industry veterans who know what it takes to succeed in the job market.


We offer several options for enhancing your degree through our minors program. By adding a minor, you can complement your concentration or major with additional viewpoints and marketable skills, and pursue topics that interest you.


Certificates are a great way to add to your credibility and professional value. If you’re interested in business ownership, the Certificate in Entrepreneurship offers you an opportunity to learn a targeted set of skills that will help you successfully run your own business. If data acquisition, analysis, and action are more your style, the Certificate in Analytics will give you the opportunity to learn how industry leaders treat one of today’s most valuable assets. Our Sport Coaching & Team Development Certificate will help you focus on the philosophy and psychology of team dynamics. We also offer a Certificate in Terrorism Studies for students interested in focusing their learning on the drivers and impacts of modern violent extremist activities.

Accelerated Bachelor’s & Master’s

Start earning your master’s as an undergrad when you sign up for our 4+1 MBA Program, 4+1 MSC Program, 4+1 MSOL Program, 4+1 MSA Program, or 3+1 MSA Program. Save time. Save money. Pursue your passion and start your career ahead of the competition.