Our team is Certified Transfer Friendly and nationally ranked for mid-career salary, 投资回报, 经济流动性.

我们将与您合作,使转账过程尽可能简单, 不收取申请费, 48小时内做出录取决定, and dedicated student success coaches ready to address all your questions.


尼科尔斯是一个小, 私人, non-profit college focused on professional development and personal empowerment. 拥有超过27个本科学位和证书, 4个硕士学位, 双学位和5个工商管理硕士课程, we’re consistently evolving our curriculum with feedback from today’s top employers to ensure that every one of our graduates is ready to compete and succeed.

但真正让尼科尔斯成为家的是我们的社区. 学生家庭有一些特别之处, 老师, 和住在这里的员工, 工作, 每天在山上玩. 当你感觉到它的时候你就会知道,所以随时加入我们 之旅 我们在马萨诸塞州达德利市占地200多英亩的校园里.


从你之前的大学经历中转学90个学分. 不管你来自哪里, our talented staff is here to help you get organized and make a positive change in your life without sacrificing any of the hard 工作 you’ve already put in.

For more information about transferring your credits and the Massachusetts Independent College Transfer Guarantee, 请在下面阅读或下载我们的 充分披露.


如果你是当地社区大学的学生, 我们让您的转账过程更加简单,完全无缝. 通过我们的能力计划, students attending one of our partnering community colleges can transfer their entire associate’s degree to Nichols and finish their bachelor’s degree here at an affordable rate. 在我们的 社区大学转学计划 page.



奥斯卡查韦斯 ’20 knows what it’s like to have the rug pulled out from under you by a college, 他在山上找到了新家.

当我得知我以前的大学要关闭时,我的胃都要掉下来了. 那感觉不真实. 一位朋友推荐了尼科尔斯, so I came to 之旅 campus and I immediately knew deep down that this was going to be the best decision. 当我开始的时候, 所有的教授都来确保我没事, 连总统都问我需要什么. 尼科尔斯很适合我, and I feel like I accomplished more in a year here than in the rest of my college career.



We accept applications throughout the year and there is no fee to apply. 申请人须提交以下资料:

  • 一份完整的尼科尔斯学院转学申请表
  • Official final high school transcript with the date of graduation on it (waived for students with 24 or more college credits)
  • 所有就读院校的正式大学成绩单
  • Essay or personal statement regarding your desire to transfer (waived for students transferring from a partner institution)
  • One letter of recommendation (waived for students transferring from a partner institution)

Send your official transcripts from all previous institutions you attended. 所有入学文件和信件应通过电子邮件发送至 admissions@autoworks-boutique.net 或邮寄至:




请填妥 转学通用申请 在线.

本指南仅供参考. Final decisions about acceptance of course credit will be made by the Registrar’s Office.

Courses for transfer credit are evaluated according to the following guidelines:

  • 你每门课的成绩必须达到C或更高
  • Courses must have been taken at a regionally accredited college or university
  • 所修课程必须与尼科尔斯学院提供的课程相当
  • 所修课程也必须适用于我们的学位课程之一
  • Mathematics and accounting courses must have been taken within the last 10 years
  • 必须在最近5年内修过计算机课程
  • 允许的最大转学学分数为90学分
    • Only 6 credits are permitted toward a junior or senior specialization
    • 只允许3个学分转换为辅修学分
    • 最多30个学分可以从丹尼斯或CLEP转移
    • 的 capstone course (MGMT 485) is ineligible for transfer credit and must be taken at 尼克尔斯学院
  • 尼克尔斯学院 evaluates non-traditional credit according to the recommendations of the Council for Higher Education 认证 (CHEA) and courses must be American Council on Education (ACE) approved
  • 一旦被尼科尔斯录取, you must receive approval from the Registrar before registering for course(s) at another institution for transfer credit to 尼克尔斯学院
  • All transfer students must take at least 30 semester hours at 尼克尔斯学院, immediately preceding graduation and complete all degree requirements for graduation.
    • 最后36个学分中的30个必须在尼科尔斯学院修满
  • 才有资格获得亚博买球app下载的荣誉, a student must take 30 credit-hours at 尼克尔斯学院 and must achieve a cumulative grade point average of 3.20


Students will have credits from their associate’s degree transferred in as bulk credits. 在总, 根据本协议入学的学生最多可以转90个学分, 从他们大三开始. 额外的学分可以在个人的基础上进行审查.

学生可能有资格参加我们的全套课程 奖学金及助学金.

  • Students applying for need-based financial aid who are filling out the FAFSA may also qualify for a 转让授予 根据需要,在2000到4000美元之间
  • Students must have completed at least 12 credit hours of college 工作 to qualify for the 转让授予.

通过我们的能力计划,我们提供 社区大学转学计划 that create a pathway for you to earn a business degree in high-demand fields from a leading 私人 college at an affordable rate. 如果你是我们合作学校的学生, you can seamlessly transfer your entire associate’s degree (or even up to 90 credits) and finish your bachelor’s degree by earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree at Nichols.


  • 罗德岛社区学院(CCRI)
  • 奎尼堡谷社区学院(QVCC)
  • 昆士加蒙社区学院
  • 伍斯特山社区学院


尼克尔斯学院 is an active member of the Massachusetts Independent College Transfer Guarantee.

的 马担保 is a transfer partnership between MA community colleges and participating four-year colleges and universities. Eligible community college graduates are able to transfer seamlessly to the following programs – admission guaranteed!

符合质量保证条件的学生均可申请 尼科尔斯学院的学术课程.

的 Massachusetts Independent College Transfer Guarantee (Massachusetts Guarantee) builds upon existing Massachusetts’ transfer policy for public institutions of higher education, with the intention of creating a seamless system of transfer in the state and expanding transfer options for Massachusetts community college students. 的 Massachusetts Guarantee will ensure acceptance at a participating independent Guarantee institution for associate degree holding students who have met a minimum GPA requirement of 2.5. At the 核心 of the Massachusetts Guarantee is an unwavering commitment to equity, 为所有学生提供接受高等教育的机会.

Final decisions about acceptance of course credit will be made by the Registrar’s Office.

通识教育基金 (formerly known as the MassTransfer Block or MTB) refers to a set of general education, 核心, 或者分布要求, 由34个大学学分组成. 这些学分,当完成与2.0 or higher GPA, fully transfer and will satisfy the general education/核心 requirements at Nichols.


我们是来帮忙的! 如果你对尼科尔斯有任何疑问,请亚博买球app下载, 我们的申请流程, 建议, 取向, 或者安排拜访. 打电话或发电子邮件到我们的招生办公室 800-470-3379 or admissions@autoworks-boutique.net.




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